Unlimited Hosting

If you plan on using 6StarMedia for managing the online aspects of your business or website, we would recommend using our hosting services as well.   We offer 99.99% up-time and a 45 day money back guarantee.

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Social Media Development

There are over 1 billion people in the world that use social media.  Capitalize on that with beautiful company pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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SEO Services

6StarMedia knows what it takes to get you noticed.  We know what works and what doesn’t for your industry or niche, which gives us the advantage of creating a unique and eclectic marketing plan for your situation.

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Website Design

When you hire the experts at 6StarMedia, you get our combined knowledge of layout planning, logo creation, content creation, appropriate colour choices, an easily managed admin area, and much more!

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6StarMedia.com is a website design and marketing firm that works with corporations, small businesses, professionals, hobbyists and individuals looking to increase their presence online. Our services include website design, social media development and marketing, search engine optimization, graphical design, website management and business strategy.

To the left you will see more information about the core services we offer.  A more in-depth list of the services we offer can be found in the Services navigation link in the header.

Website Design & Development

The Core of 6StarMedia’s Business

At 6StarMedia, we do not just build websites; we build websites that engage the visitor and make them want to stay on the site to learn more.  Aside from the main purpose of the site, which is to make the site a excellent experience for your visitors, we also like to make it easy on you as well by utilizing a content management system (CMS).

Here is a look at some of the website development services we offer:

  • E-commerce Website Development

  • Landing Page Design

  • Product Showcases/Portfolios

  • Social Media Develompent

  • Content Creation (pages/articles/ebooks)

  • Mobile Site/App Development

  • Existing Website Reviews

  • Advertising & Lead Generation

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Clients & Testimonials

We Strive for 100% Satisfaction for all our Clients

  • I am extremely pleased with both the look and feel of my websites. I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone interested in building up a portfolio of websites or even one site for whatever business or businesses they may have in mind.Anne White, Blog Network Owner
    Anne White
    Blog Network Owner
  • Kevin and the 6StarMedia.com team have done a wonderful job with the online aspect of our business.  We are extremely busy people, so it is nice to be able to trust a company to work independently and get results at the same time.Lloyd David, Head of Business Development, Pebble IT Solutions
    Lloyd David
    Head of Business Development
  • Kevin has helped me with marketing for my website and eBay business with great results.Sacha Crompton, Owner, Auction Auto Bidder
  • Without Kevin's hard work and attention to details plus commitment to the goals of 6Starmedia, the company would not be outstanding example of what can be achieved within the business world.Maggie David, Owner, NicheBang.com
  • Kevin and 6Star were vital to getting my non-profit "online." And, afterward, his company provided consummate and conscientious hosting and support services.Greg Patterson, CEO, STEP Theatre
Pebble IT Solutions
Solomons Nursery
Auction Auto Bidder
Niche MAP
Argan Oil

Featured Portfolio Projects

Best & Most Popular of Our Works

  • Pebble IT Solutions

    Pebble IT Solutions

    An IT service provider with their headquarters in Sydney, Australia

  • Ebook Cover Design

    Ebook Cover Design

    Give your book the professional look you deserve

  • Solomons Nursery

    Solomons Nursery

    Started as a hobby in Sydney, Australia in 1988, but quickly grew from there into a 15 acre wholesale business

  • Facebook Designs

    Facebook Designs

    Facebook pages are a great way to get social and engage with potential customers

  • Auction Auto Bidder

    Auction Auto Bidder

    An auction sniper program that bids automatically for you based on criteria you provide.

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