December 2022


5 Perfect Gifts for the Woodcarver in Your Life

Woodcarvers are dedicated people and deserve some great gifts to help show how much you appreciate their passion! You should be able to find something they’ll love that fits their specific needs and tastes, no matter who it is or how far away you are! Here’s a list of 5 perfect gifts that any woodcarver will love.

1.   Wooden Carving Machine

Wooden Carving Machines are perfect gifts for wood carvers. They give woodcarvers a way to carve with precision and detail on a larger scale since many machines can handle substantial pieces of wood. Some machines allow you to shape and sand your projects, making them even more versatile.

For example, gifting your favorite woodcarver with a CNC machine with reliable CNC software like Easel CNC Software will enable them to undertake complex, intricate projects while never worrying about precision or accuracy.

2.   A New Type of Wood to Carve

Basswood is a great wood to carve with, as it’s soft and easy to work with. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport. Basswood is available at most craft stores, but if you have trouble finding it, call the store before heading over so they can check their stockroom for you. Basswood can be a perfect gift for carvers still learning to carve. The softness of basswood makes it easier for carvers still practicing using carving tools on softer woods than hard ones, like cherry or oak.

3.   High-Quality Protective Eyewear

Woodworkers and woodcarvers need to protect their eyes from sawdust and other particles. They should always wear goggles while cutting or shaping anything, but it’s even more critical when using any power tool. You can find a wide selection of quality eyewear at all price ranges so that everyone can afford to keep their eyes healthy and safe.

4.   Personalized Engraved Pen Set

When you give someone an engraved pen set, you know you’re giving them something special! Woodcarvers meticulously ensure each tool is well maintained with its specialized case, so why not treat them to high-quality writing instruments? You can customize these pens by choosing from various design options and engraving the giftee’s name.

One thing to remember when purchasing a gift for woodworkers is to take care of their fingers. Carving and whittling wood can be tough on the hands, so keep your woodworker’s fingers healthy and happy with a gift of gloves or workman’s hand cream.

5.   Protective Gloves

Gloves are a great gift because they protect the hands of a woodcarver, which can be especially important when carving or sculpting. They also help to prevent dirt and debris from getting into cuts on your hands, which can lead to infections. However, it’s crucial to ensure you get cut-resistant gloves. These will provide protection and offer added agility to use your fingers still. Such a gift shows that you care about them and their safety and that they have the proper equipment to make their job easier.


Giving your woodcarver a gift of safety, quality, and utility is crucial. Don’t let your budget stop you from giving them a fantastic Christmas this year. You can get a range of woodcarver gifts that are quality and affordable at the same time. However, gifting your woodcarver with a CNC machine will be a great way to ensure they have all the tools they need for their passion.

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